Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Booking: JUST ROLL WITH IT - The Library Agency and Acuity

Booked: JUST ROLL WITH IT Episode 111, "The Tutor"
Role: Loretta
Represented By: The Library Agency and Acuity
Casting Director: Amber Horn and Danielle Aufiero
Additional Notes: We're thrilled for Sarah's booking for JUST ROLL WITH IT which was upgraded from co-star to GUEST STAR! This show incorporates a lot of improvisation so Sarah's training at UCB and iO West (GRAD) paid off! She booked this entirely from an EcoCast audition as well. Sarah Carey boasts extensive theatre training, improvisation skills, and over 10 years of live and streaming hosting from the Red Carpet to ComicCon. For more, go to www.sarahcarey.me and follow her on Instagram at @roguetastic.

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