Friday, October 5, 2018

Booking: LETHAL WEAPON - WORK Talent LLC/Raynard Pearson Agent

Booked: LETHAL WEAPON Episode #307
Role: Flaco
Represented By: WORK Talent LLC/Raynard Pearson Agent
Casting Director: Elizabeth Barnes
Additional Notes:,,

Booking: DAYS OF OUR LIVES - Hartman Entertainment

Booked: DAYS OF OUR LIVES Episode 13577
Role: Ramon
Represented By: Hartman Entertainment
Casting Director: Marnie Saitta
Additional Notes: Congratulations Ernesto! Up and coming young Latin hot star, Ernesto has recently guest starred as Spanish Jesus on American Gods, and also guest star on Unusual Suspects. He's a real sweetheart and great to work with! See more of Ernesto on Facebook at