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Friday, June 1, 2018

Booking: GIRL'S CODE - Sixtos Talent Management and Beal Talent & Assoc

Booked: GIRL'S CODE (Pilot)
Role: Izzy (Recurring GS)
Represented By: Sixtos Talent Management and Beal Talent & Assoc
Casting Director: Dorian Frankel, Sibby Kirchgessner, Marlise Gunzenhauser
Additional Notes: Raquel McPeek is gaining respect as she continues to book roles in her Journey as an Actress. Although Raquel is legally deaf and knows ASL well, she can speak and hear when she wears her Cochlear. My point is, she doesn't necessarily have to only audition for "Deaf roles". You may recognize her from the Freeform show "Beyond", she played the role of Annabelle. https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm4823345?s=34b1def3-91a7-136f-6857-a8d7fda21b0c

Booking: TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG - Sixtos Talent Management and Aqua Talent Agency

Booked: TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG Episode #108
Role: Lousy
Represented By: Sixtos Talent Management and Aqua Talent Agency
Casting Director: Courtney Bright & Nicole Daniels
Additional Notes: Wilson is known for his Tough Guy roles on shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Rush Hour, Scorpion, Workaholics. Wilson has a passion for acting, looking up to Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino as his favorite Thespians.

Booking: BROTHERS KEEPER - Denise Hartigan

Role: Zay
Represented By: Denise Hartigan
Casting Director: Eisenberg/Beans Casting
Additional Notes: Nick is amazing! I always get great reviews of his work!

Booking: HOMICIDE HUNTER - Carla Glover - A. Jackson Agency

Booked: Homicide Hunter, Ep. 805
Role: Floyd "Bo" Sennett
Represented By: Carla Glover @ A. Jackson Agency
Casting Director: Amber Vanderslice-Shelton
Additional Notes: Greetings! Kendall Houston is a fresh face from Atlanta and very reliable and bookable! We at A. Jackson Agency think he is one to watch!

Bazzel Baz Signs with Ayers Talent Agency

Agency Notes: 26 Episodes Co-Star/Stunts on "BLACKLIST" Former CIA Paramilitary Cast Officer/Special Ops. Former Captain, United States Marine Corps/Counter Terrorism. President of ARC-Association for the Recovery of Children. AMAZING LOOK & CRAZY SKILL SET! Based in LA and AVAILABLE!

Booking: ALEXA AND KATIE - Ayers Talent Agency

Booked: ALEXA AND KATIE Episode #206
Role: Saleswoman
Represented By: Ayers Talent Agency
Casting Director: Stiner/Block Casting
Additional Notes: Thrilled to have recently signed Victoria. She is a tried & true professional with amazing credits.