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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Booking: NOT ALONE - More ZAP + Park Artists Group

Role: Lu
Represented By: Michelle Zeitlin / More ZAP + Carrie Park / Park Artists Group
Casting Director: Rose Rosen
Additional Notes: Congrats go to More Zap Productions & Management client, Ashli ("Always") Auguillard, for her multiple theatrical and commercial bookings in the last month: 1. Syfy's The Purge TV Show (Recurring role) booked with Terry McNeal, Agent, Del Corral Talent Agency, Southeast 2. Feature Film, Not Alone booked with Carrie Park, Agent, Park Artists Group 3. SAG Short Film, La Sirena , to be directed by Lakin Valdez ​In addition to print and commercials booked. Ashli is versatile at both drama and comedy, warming up many casting rooms... more to come.