Monday, September 17, 2018

Booking: BETRAYED - International Artists PR & Talent Management

Booked: BETRAYED Season 3, Ep. 302/Parker
Role: Robert Denney
Represented By: International Artists PR & Talent Management
Casting Director: Morman Boling Casting
Additional Notes: Jacob Tittl has a B.A. degree in Acting at the University of La Verne; member of the Defiance Comedy Theatre Company, a sketch comedy theatre group and have four short films shooting in 2018: "That Trump is Mine", "Believe", "The Lockdown Club 2018" and "Bougie Ass Brandon." He is also currently shooting the series "Call Center." He has trapeze training and 8 years in competitive springboard diving. Jacob Tittl owns "WhoGivesa___Production" where he produce short films and create demo reel clips for actors. ..

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