Friday, July 27, 2018

Booking: 9-1-1 - Park Artists Group

Booked: 9-1-1 Episode #202
Role: Ainsley
Represented By: Carrie Park, Park Artists Group - Steven Buchsbaum, Ad Astra
Casting Director: Eric Dawson and Eric Souliere
Additional Notes: Kendra recently co-starred as "Nurse Winston" in Transparent season four and in the indie festival darling "I Am I" – both times delivering taut, evocative performances. A decade long career in prestige Los Angeles stage productions with companies like Antaeus Theatre Company and Theatre Movement Bazaar (including tours to Edinburgh Fringe Fest, Russia and China) has honed Kendra's ability to play characters who seem open and innocent on the surface but always harbor unforeseen depths and layers of nuanced emotion. Combining the elemental inner-strength of Maggie Gyllenhaal with the restrained intensity of Jennifer Ehle, Kendra has a girl-next-door exterior that never quite masks her grit, intellect and broad-ranging talent.

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