Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Booking: THE PHANTOM OF THE HOTEL - Carrie Park

Role: Mr. Smith
Represented By: Carrie Park
Casting Director: Kelly Knox
Additional Notes: Although perhaps best know for his comedic appearances on stage and screen, Actor, Writer and Award-Winning Director Jeff Sumner is also known for his dramatic work. As an associate member of Sacred Fools Theatre Company, Jeff terrified audiences as the psychotic Craven Moon in the gothic-rock horror musical "CarnEvil". Often cast as officious characters, Jeff recently played the role of Forensic Tech Expert, Colonel E.G. Attie on the 1 hour Fox show "Rosewood". He tends to get cast in roles that make life difficult for others - like the role of the Casting Director in the film "Like You Mean It" now on Netflix. Jeff has worked with many great artists including: Betty White, Kathleen Turner, Jack Black, Beck, Eva Longoria, Fred Willard, Harry Hamlin, Dee Wallace, Belinda Carlisle, Garry Marshall, Paul Williams, George Wendt, Bobby and Pete Farrelly and many others. When playing dramatic characters, Jeff brings a dark and frightening intensity to the work making his characters appear to be "hiding something." But as an artist, he finds himself most attracted to roles that combine drama with comedy. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0838881/

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