Monday, October 16, 2017

Booking: GREAT NEWS Park Artists Group and More Zap Productions & Management

Booked: GREAT NEWS Episode #204 "Award Show"
Role: Mr. Petrovian
Represented By: Carrie Park / Park Artists Group and Michelle Zeitlin / More Zap Productions & Management
Casting Director: Julie Ashton
Additional Notes: Episode airs Thursday 10/19/17 at 9:30pm on NBC Co-star on Start Up (Crackle TV) and Alias (ABC). Stars in two indies, "Dinner With The Alchemist," and "Her Tango." 25 year background in theater on the East Coast and Romania, including the Shakespeare Theatre Company (DC), Arena Stage (DC), Studio Theatre (DC), Theatre J (DC), The Players Theater (NY), and Synetic Theatre (VA). International performances in Bucharest (Romania), Tbilisi (Georgia), Izmir (Turkey), Bratislava (Slovakia), Paris (France) and Seoul (South Korea). Capable of great range. In theater he has played such varied characters as Dracula, Mephisto, Frankenstein, Ariel, and Don Quixote. In film, he has portrayed an immortal vampire, loving husband, tormented widower, drug dealer, computer genius, conspiracy theorist and terrorist. A cross between Mark Ruffalo and Oscar Isaac, with a hint of Viggo Mortensen. Intense face with wild and kind eyes.

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