Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Booking: GREAT NEWS - Park Artists Group

Booked: GREAT NEWS Episode #204
Role: Mr. Petrovian
Represented By: Carrie Park
Casting Director: Julie Ashton
Additional Notes: Multilingual, working in FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, GERMAN and ROMANIAN. He has booked Middle Eastern, Georgian (Soviet Union) Spanish Gypsies and Romantic Tango Dancers...has played Vampires, Clowns, Mimes and Legendary Fictional Characters. Multiple GUEST STARS and Recurring Roles including the recent START UP for CRACKLE Network owned by SONY. A great role as slimy Hungarian "Travel Agent" in a crime syndicate. DAN is also a DIRECTOR; Stellar in movement, stunts, and commedia dell'arte. Exceedingly likable. FELLINI-ESQUE...think CHE GUEVARA

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