Monday, May 8, 2017

Booking: STITCHERS - Rex Talent Management

Booked: STITCHERS Episode #3007
Represented By: Rex Talent Management/Aqua Talent
Casting Director: Michael Testa
Additional Notes: Drew is a strong dynamic actor full of zest and appeal as well as an effortless natural. Some of his credits include Recurring roles on THE LAST SHIP, PURE GENIUS and STITCHERS to name a few. The bright, shining, wide awake quality unique to Drew is what sets him apart in a low-key field of cooler-than-thou millennials. Hardcore positive, Drew brings his personal solar power wherever he goes; he's looking for the challenging roles to stretch his well-trained wings. Drew's studied with top acting coaches for years, and he knows how to 'go there'. Drew's other secret weapon is his Afro-Portuguese heritage. Fully tri-lingual, [English, Spanish, Portuguese], count on Drew to represent that modern multi-cultural youth at ease everywhere.

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