Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Booking: WRECKED SEASON II - Pamela Cappetta-Brice CSP Management LA/NY

Role: Jerry (Guest Star)
Represented By: Pamela Cappetta-Brice CSP Management LA/NY
Casting Director: Julie Ashton Casting
Additional Notes: Joe Estevez, brother to Martin Sheen, an affable, talented actor whose decades-spanning career hails back to the original CHiPS TV series and the Original HATFIELDS and MCCoys. Series Regular on DECKER as President Jason Davidson, Mr. Estevez is enjoying new generations discovering his work. Proudly represented by Pamela Cappetta-Brice of CSP Management, Mr. Estevez is excited to fly to Fiji for his role in TV series WRECKED Season II.

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