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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Booking: SCORPION - Rex Talent Management/RPM Talent

Booked: SCORPION Episode #323
Represented By: Rex Talent Management/RPM Talent
Casting Director: Jennifer Cooper
Additional Notes: Congrats Tony!!! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1565961/ Tony recently booked a large GUEST Star role on the critically acclaimed IFC Channel's eccentric 'mockumentary' series, DOCUMENTARY NOW! "The Globesmen". He is a strong dynamic actor with great credits on shows such as AMERICAN HORROR STORY, AMERICAN CRIME and SPEECHLESS to name a few. He's done numerous film and TV guest star roles, including his work with Amy Poehler on PARKS AND RECREATION. Tony's played every shade of blue collar known to [working] man, on shows like "CRIMINAL MINDS" and movies such as "BROKEN DREAMS". Tony is an actor's actor; a journeyman and chameleon who melts into his roles like the invisible man. Forsmark's face is astonishingly versatile. Physically he is often compared to square-jawed heroes, Victor Garber, Gary Sinese, or Jared Harris, but his own personality strives for the balance of modesty and ego-less ambition to deliver authentic portrayals of life's unsung participants with a world weariness that anchors every scene.

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