Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Booking: YOU'RE THE WORST - Oakley Entertainment

Andrea Helene
Booked: You're the Worst
Role: Friend #2
Represented By: Oakley Entertainment
Casting Director: Wendy O'Brien

Booking: DEAR WHITE PEOPLE - Kathleen Schultz Associates - Armando Vaughn

Booked: DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Episode #102
Role: Pink Hair
Represented By: Kathleen Schultz Associates - Armando Vaughn
Casting Director: Kim Coleman

Booking: GIRLBOSS - Firestarter Entertainment

Booked: GIRLBOSS Episode #107
Role: Small Dog Owner
Represented By: Firestarter Entertainment
Casting Director: Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee
Additional Notes: FSE IMDB:

Booking: WEB OF LIES - TN Management

Booked: WEB OF LIES Episode #2 "Lacey Spears"
Represented By: TN Management
Casting Director: Gloria Mann
Additional Notes: River was cast as the "Sick Boy" in this episode of Web of Lies which aired on Discovery ID channel - watch the episode here:

Booking: BORDERCROSS - Dawn Marie Larkin

Elisha Kriis
Booked: BORDERCROSS (Indie Feature Film)
Role: Tara (Lead)
Represented By: Dawn Marie Larkin
Casting Director: Chuck Walker
Additional Notes: Elisha Kriis has appeared in several feature films as lead and supporting actress. She started her career as Travel show hostess for India's first international channel. With millions in viewership her T-V shows and films have been translated in multiple languages. A must see actress!

Booking: RED BULL COMMERCIAL - Dawn Marie Larkin

Booked: Red Bull Commercial
Role: Female Lead
Represented By: Dawn Marie Larkin
Casting Director: Lesley Wolff
Additional Notes: Elisha Kriis is an Indian Actress, Model and T.V show hostess who is now available for booking in Los Angeles. With millions in viewership all over the world, her work speaks for itself. A must see actress.