Monday, April 25, 2016

Booking: BROKEN RECORD - The Robb Company

Booked: BROKEN RECORD (Theatre)
Role: Gina/Lead
Represented By: The Robb Company
Casting Director: Joseph Tepperman
Additional Notes: Congratulations to our talented actor Nikki Bohm for booking the Lead role of Gina in a new play "Broken Record" written and directed by Joseph Tepperman. Nikki Bohm has starred as lead roles in various feature films and short films as well as plays, including; lead roles of Gigi in "Nobody Can Cool, Macon in "Road Wars", Erin Cooper, spoken entirely in Mandarin Chinese in award winning "Off the Record", Woman in award nominated "Nothing Happened", Portia in New York, Queens Shakespeare Company's "Merchant of Venice, and Platium Missile Strike in award winning musical "Patty the Revival" directed by award winning director Patrick Kennelly. Broken Record starring Nikki Bohm as Gina will run from June 23rd to July 17th at the Y.A.R.D. Theater in Hollywood. Nikki is a Bad Ass, versatile performer, who speaks Native English and Croatian, fluent German and Brazilian Portuguese, has dual citizenship Canada/Croatia (European Union), does stunts and plays the Alto Saxophone. Congratulations Nikki Bohm on this fantastic booking.

Booking: LAS VEGAS TOURISM - Ad Astra Management and Activity Talent Agemcy

Role: Woman
Represented By: Ad Astra Management and Activity Talent Agency
Casting Director: ross lacy