Friday, April 15, 2016

Booking: ANIMAL KINGDOM - Park Noack Agency

Booked: ANIMAL KINGDOM Episode #5: "Flesh Is Weak"
Role: SAGE
Represented By: Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: John Frank Levey
Additional Notes: Nolan recurred as a guest-star in couple episodes of Showtime’s “Shameless”. His other credits include lead roles in the feature film “Devil’s Night” and comedy web-series pilot for “Larpers” as well as supporting roles in the feature films “Ice Scream” and “Territory”. Nolan is represented by Adam Park at Park Noack Agency for TV & Film.

Booking: DAYS OF OUR LIVES - Minc Talent

Booked: DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep# 12929
Role: "Gerald" Venture Capitalist
Represented By: Minc Talent
Casting Director: Marnie Saitta
Additional Notes: Mark is managed by Entertainment Lab

Booking: GRIMM - Hartman Entertainment

Booked: GRIMM Episode # 521 and #522
Role: Officer Johnson
Represented By: Hartman Entertainment
Casting Director: Marlo Tiede and Kendra Castleberry

Booking: ECHO ONE - The Robb Company

Booked: ECHO ONE (Pilot)
Role: Hadrian/Recurring
Represented By: The Robb Company
Casting Director: David Bertucci & Elizabeth Noel Donovan
Additional Notes: We want to congratulate our talented actor DAN HORTON on booking the RECURRING role of Hadrian in new Pilot “Echo One”. Dan is a fantastic and versatile actor with GUEST STAR and RECURRING roles in major TV shows including Walk the Prank, Arrested Development, Baywatch, Passions, Young and the Restless, Beverly Hills 90210 (original) and new version, Star Trek-Next Generation, West Wing, Pensacola, Days of our Lives as well as, leading roles in movies including, Inspector Mom & Inspector Mom 2, Night Visions, Initiation, War of Gene etc. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Booking: MARA - Coastal Talent

Booked: MARA
Role: Weird Old Lady
Represented By: Coastal Talent
Casting Director: Chip Lane

Booking: KEY BANK - Osbrink Talent Agency

Booked: KEY BANK
Role: Dad
Represented By: Osbrink Talent Agency
Casting Director: Pop Casting