Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Booking: NASHVILLE - Coastal Talent

Booked: NASHVILLE Episode #421
Role: Trey Edwards
Represented By: Coastal Talent
Casting Director: Fincannon Casting

Booking: FEED THE BEAST - Monarch Talent Agency

Booked: FEED THE BEAST Episode #106
Role: Neil's Wife
Represented By: Monarch Talent Agency.
Casting Director: Tucker/Meyerson Casting
Additional Notes: Check out Geraldine's website at www.geraldineleer.com and follow her on Twitter @GeraldineLeer,

Booking: DOWNSIZING - Lang Talent and JFA

Sherry Mandujano
Booked: Downsizing
Role: Waiting Room Nurse
Represented By: Lang Talent & JFA
Casting Director: Rudy Jansen
Additional Notes: Sherry has a natural talent and follows direction so well! She is FLUENT in SPANISH. Just booked SHAMELESS. . She has recently booked a co-star on TWO BROKE GIRLS, EAST LOS HIGH, TELENOVELA, MURDER in the First in the few months she has been with us. ! Bring her in!

Booking: KFC - Lang Talent and Coast To Coast

Booked: KFC
Role: male cook
Represented By: Lang Talent and Coast To Coast
Casting Director: AHC casting
Additional Notes: Randy's special skills include all forms of comedy and improv! He has has a recurring role on FAMELESS WITH DAVID SPADE and on the TONIGHT SHOW! He also has booked roles as a series regular for different pilots! A must see.


Booked: napa car enablers
Role: "Kid"
Represented By: LANG TALENT
Casting Director: Tiffany Marie Soto
Additional Notes: 6 very, very small for age CAN GO 4 YRS OLD. -Casting directors LOVE Jolie! GREAT TALENT!! BOOKED NATIONAL COMMERCIAL! BRING HER IN! Dad is an actor and she has a lot of facial expression and is just a great little kid.

Booking: JOE'S CRAB SHACK - Lang Talent and AEFH

Role: Male Voice
Represented By: Lang Talent and AEFH
Casting Director: Liz Lewis Casting
Additional Notes: Austin has been in many roles including Criminal Minds, Mistresses and Ghost Whisperer. He follows direction so well and can change on a dime! He has guest star and costar experience with both film and television. He has various trainings in cold read, scene study, stage technique, dramatic reading, and stage techniques. He is very skilled in various sports including baseball, body surfing, canoeing, cycling, golf, martial arts, running, soccer! He is also a dancer and can do ballroom, dance swing. Check him out!

Booking: CVS/ TARGET - Lang Talent and AEFH

Role: Ethnically ambiguous kids
Represented By: Lang Talent and AEFH
Casting Director: Pop Casting
Additional Notes: Scarlett has such a versatile look and is so expressive! Her ethnic appearance is caucasian, eastern european, hispanic, mediterranean, and mixed. She takes direction so well and has excellent memorization. She is 100% fluent in Spanish!! She can also dance ballet, flamenco, and jazz. She was the star for a pilot called, ,"Fantastic Patricks Kids Show." She has also been in 2 commercials- LinkedIn and Time Warner Cable. She is full of energy and talent for a 7 year old!!!

Booking: CITIZEN - Lang Talent

Role: Fujita
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: Carla Hool
Additional Notes: Kit is 5'3 and full of talent in every department! He just landed a co-star role for the TV show, Citizen and for South Beach Tow shown on Hulu. Kit is also a great dancer! He can do anything from ballet, hiphop, jazz, modern, and tap dancing! He is greatly skilled in martial arts! He can do KungFu, Gymnastics, Stage combat, karate, taekwongdo, shaolin kempo, Kendo. He has extensive training in theatre, improv, acting, dance, music, singing, martial arts. in addition, he is fun loving and very comedic! Check him out !

Booking: I AM THAT - WOS Group Entertainment

Booked: I Am That
Role: Skylar
Represented By: WOS Group Entertainment
Casting Director: Kathryn Brink