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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Booking: SINs - Gigi Garner Management

Booked: SINs
Role: Carolyn Winters
Represented By: Gigi Garner Management
Casting Director: Fancy Macelli
Additional Notes: Congratulations to actress Danielle Lozeau for booking a coveted Guest Star role on SINs! Danielle's career has blossomed significantly in both TV and Film. This year she will have been in 50 films, which is a remarkable amount for such a young actress. Danielle has proven her alacrity towards roles that carry more risk and variance than your average young actor. Her projects have often dipped into dissidence, exhibiting a grittier side of human nature...Something only a mature person skilled in the art of catharsis can accomplish. She appeared in the FOX hit TV series Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and two Blockbuster hits Legion and The Eye. Danielle gained recognition and critical acclaim with two nominations for Best Actress in two different film festivals.

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