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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Booking: MCDONALDS - Gigi Garner Management and Sovereign Talent Group

Booked: MCDONALDS (National)
Represented By: Gigi Garner Management and Sovereign Talent Group
Casting Director: Cathi Carlton
Additional Notes: Gifted child actor and stunt performer Jentzen Ramirez booked another principal role in a national spot for McDonalds! He also booked a national SUBARU commercial last week! Other national commercials he has booked are: Kohl's, Chloraseptic, Audi, Charter Schools, Quaker Oats, etc... His other bookings include some feature films: “The Terror", "The Lurking Man" and "The God Machine." Jentzen has also appeared on "Adam Ruins Everything" and was featured in Lifetime's "Babysitter's Black Book." Jentzen plays between 7 and 10 years old and is represented by Gigi Garner Management and Sovereign Talent Group. He can be cast together with his 18 year old sister Liana Ramirez, who is also an advanced XMA student and stunt performer.

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