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Monday, March 21, 2016

Booking: RAVENWOLF TOWERS - Exclusive Talent Management, Terry Luce Mgr.

Role: Benji
Represented By: Exclusive Talent Management, Terry Luce mgr.
Casting Director: Jan Glaser
Additional Notes: Sonny is one of the career actors who loves to hang and keep up with the young actors in town (if they can hang with him). Not only is SONNY KING an actor but he's in one of the best C.W. bands up in the Palmdale, Lancaster and around that local area, and they also make their way down to the L. A. AREA at times. And they can ROCK. Sonny is signed with this label but he really prefers to do what SONNY does best, ACT. SONNY's been around for a long time, he's worked with all the top western actors and many of the top BOX office stars both TV and Television. I love it when Sonny says, "how an I be of service for your projects" Funny that only some of the directors get that line, it's a very powerful line, and only a few really gets what them means and when they get it, they Immediately hire SONNY KING. DRONE WARS, BURNING KENTUCKY, HAUNTED-333, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME, ELIZABETHTOWN - (,dir. CARMERON CROWE), ERASER, and as you know I can go on and on with projects. Sonny is a very dedicated actor. I know getting up in years the roles are less and less, Sonny really brings life to the characters in which will make everyone on set very proud SONNY has TRAINED with some of the GREATEST Teachers in town. SONNY KING is a true through and through profession actor. He's got the charm and the charisma and yet, he's ready to go to the next scene. Thank YOU very much for checking out SONNY KING. He will make you proud, and great and loves to get shot up... We also enclosed his IMBD LINK, great sight to very vet the clients, speaking of Vetting , SONNY KING is a REAL U.S. VETERAN (VET) NAVY MAN. https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm1928542/?ref_=sch_int SONNY still loves sport all types of sports from water sports-skiing, swimming and still love Football and Basketball Please consider Sonny King for any of your up coming projects, he will do just an amazing job for your character and he'll make you proud, very proud that you brought him on board. All the best, Terry Luce mgr. exclusive Talent Management (818) 995-7707' terryvluce@gmail.com MEMBER of the TALENT MANAGERS ASSOC.

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