Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jordyn Taylor Signs with Epic Talent Management

Jordyn Taylor
Additional Notes: Epic Talent Management is delighted to announce the signing of tween/teen actress - Jordyn Taylor! Jordyn is a triple-threat talent as a dancer, actress and musician/singer/songwriter. Appearing next month in feature film "Beverly Hills Christmas" in a strong supporting role opposite Dean Cain, Jordyn has several yet-to-be-announced projects that will start off 2016 with a bang! Jordyn is sparkling, refreshingly authentic and versatile! Easily plays 13 to 17 yrs old, and can handle the quirky, lovable nerd to emotionally challenging dramatic roles. Extensively well-trained, Jordyn has worked with Ellen Marano, Lori Lively, Lisa Picotte, Dennis Lavalle and others. Currently being privately coached vocally by Valerie Morehouse, and dance choreography by Janelle Ginestra - Jordyn is ready for take-off and we're thrilled to have this young talent on board!

Booking: THE LAST SHIP - Epic Talent Management / Defining Artists Agency

Booked: THE LAST SHIP Episode #301, "The Scott Effect"
Role: Vietnamese Woman #1
Represented By: Epic Talent Management / Defining Artists Agency
Casting Director: Gary M. Zuckerbrod / Kamala A. Thomas
Additional Notes: Congratulations to newcomer, Kristina Ho, with her first network booking to add to her growing list of feature film, new media and national commercial bookings! Fluent Vietnamese, infectiously charming and versatile - we'll be seeing much more of this young talent!!breaking-news/cm8a

Booking: HENRY DANGER - Ad Astra Management and David Moss Talent Agency

Booked: HENRY DANGER Episode #216
Role: Nurse Cohort
Represented By: Ad Astra Management and David Moss Talent Agency
Casting Director: Krisha Bullock
Additional Notes: Amber is a stunning and talented actress. Strong guest spot credits. She was Gary Marshall's New Year's Eve. This is her 5th episode of Henry Danger/Guest spot billing

Booking: SECRETS AND LIES - Ad Astra Management and Visionary Artists

Role: Sheriff # 1
Represented By: Ad astra Management and Visionary Artists
Casting Director: Rebecca Mangieri & Wendy Weidman
Additional Notes: Mickey very strong character actor. Strong film and tv credits.

Booking: DAYS OF OUR LIVES - Sueanne Edan/ Elise Frame

Booked: DAYS OF OUR LIVES Episodes #12845 + #12846
Represented By: Sueanne Edan/ Elise Frame
Casting Director: Marnie Saitta
Additional Notes: Congrats to Aleksander for booking a multi day role on Days of our Lives. With many film credits he has the ability to perform in both Drama and comedy. This talented actor is trained in many forms of stage fighting and firearms to make any dramatic Police or military role realistic. For booking info contact Sueanne Edan or Elise Frame at Tangerine Talent.

Booking: ROCK IN A HARD PLACE - Sueanne Edan/ Elise Frame

Role: Maggot
Represented By: Sueanne Edan/ Elise Frame
Casting Director: Meg Morman and Sunday “Sunny” Boling
Additional Notes: Another booking for this amazing versatile actor. Eric has booked pilots, feature films and TV shows, we are looking for more big things for him in the future. for booking info contact Sueanne Edan or Elise Frame at Tangerine Talent. - See more at:

Booking: FAMELESS - Lang Talent

Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: Suzanne Broderick
Additional Notes: Rocky Benoit (SAG-AFTRA) booked this project for the SECOND time! Rocky is an actual ER Doctor, so any medical project is very easy and natural for him. This project makes it rocky's 5th television booking, and 19th cumulative booking including film to theater. Lang Talent is very proud of you, keep saving lives with your medical gifts and acting talent.

Booking: MCDONALDS - Lang Talent

Booked: McDonalds
Role: Boy
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: Danielle Eskinazi
Additional Notes: Gavin Pierce's McDonalds booking is a recent addition to his 7 other national commercials including Netflix, Petco, Sprint, etc. He is one of our top boys here when it comes to commercials like these, or film/television and VO jobs! Good job Gavin, you are always getting the job done beyond expectations. Keep it up bus, we're so proud of you!