Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Booking: GOOGLE IMAGINE - Lang Talent

Role: Young Imaginative Kid
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: David Kang CD
Additional Notes: Grecia Merino (11 years SAG Eligible) is a dynamite actress fluent in spanish, with a great look that not only got her the recent Google project, but also booked a recurring role on Devious Maids (season 3). Her talent is also to thank for her success, as she has great acting ability that will get the job done for you! Grecia has also booked a guest star appearance on Parenthood, as well principal roles in El Pollo Loco and ATT commercials. Acting is not her only talent, she can sing beautifully as well! Other special skills of her include playing the piano, tennis, and a authentic spanish accent. You'll love her, and casting does too! Let her rock your next project, give her shot and you will not regret it!

Booking: NCIS - Lang Talent

Booked: NCIS #289 "16 Years"
Role: Lucas
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: Susan Bluestein/ Jason Kennedy
Additional Notes: Mataeo Mingo (11 years SAG/AFTRA) is one our most ambitious and charismatic boys! He is motivated and easy to work with, as well quite the young actor himself. He has landed co-star roles on projects like Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn, Masters of Sex - "Below the Belt" and as well earned himself roles on TV Land pilot shows Westworld (playing Jacob) and Teachers (playing Brad). This is only television, and he has experience with Commercials as the principal role (Walmart, Carrier Air, etc.), as well Voice-over projects, Print work, and Stage/Theatre. He can also sing, play the piano, play basketball, and so much more. Mataeo deserves a spot on your latest project, and once you meet him you will understand how great of a talent he is. Refer to his resume for more info about him, thanks and he will love to meet you guys!

Booking: AMERICAN CRIME STORY - Lang Talent

Booked: AMERICAN CRIME STORY Episode #107
Role: Glove Expert
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: Bright/Daniels Casting
Additional Notes: Roger Rignack is the actor that you will want and love to work with. He is very seasoned and talented with loads of credits, varying from all genres in Acting. Along with his recent booking of American Crime Story, he has also booked 39 Television projects ranging from co-star to principal and leads, as well with 28 Television projects under his belt, 30 Stage projects, and experience in other genres like Internet to Stand-up. His resume and reels are worth a look, as well Roger himself is worth a shot. Roger is also very experienced with Improvisation, and fun fact: he is fluent in Spanish and Arabic! He has a variation of athletic skills and can sing as well do many other things. Focused and determined, Roger Rignack is a talent you have to see for your latest project.

Booking: AWESOMENESS DREAMWORKS TV - Gem Entertainment Group

Role: Justin
Represented By: Gem Entertainment Group
Casting Director: Sheryl Levine

Booking: CRIMINAL MINDS - Church-Hugger Management and Coast To Coast

Booked: CRIMINAL MINDS Episode #11-08
Role: Tatiana
Represented By: Church-Hugger Management and Coast To Coast
Casting Director: Scott David
Additional Notes: In 2015, Alexa Kolker, who just turned six years old has booked two national commercials, one feature film that she is currently shooting and we now just got word that she has booked her first major network show for 'Criminal Minds'. Lexy is as talented as she is adorable and is quickly building credits akin to her big sister, Ava Kolker, who currently recurs on Girl Meets World.