Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Booking: SO B. IT - Lang Talent

Booked: SO B. IT
Role: Zander
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: Richard Hicks Casting
Additional Notes: Congrats Mataeo! Mataeo Mingo (SAG-AFTRA) is one of our best young boys here at the agency, and is absolutely amazing. Mataeo has booked 4 other feature films playing from supporting to principal roles, making SO B IT not his first feature film. Not to mention his TV appearances including: NCIS (Lucas), NICKY,RICKY,DICKY, and DAWN (co-star), TEACHERS TV SERIES (recurring), MASTERS OF SEX (co-star), etc. Mataeo also has done commercials with WALMART, CARRIER AIR, etc. He is exceptional, and probably one of the sweetest boys in the industry right now. Once again, great job Mataeo, Lang Talent is very proud of your success. Check out Mataeo's resume, and see more info regarding his VO jobs, Print Work, Theater credits, and Special Skills.

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