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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jordyn Taylor Signs with Epic Talent Management

Jordyn Taylor
Additional Notes: Epic Talent Management is delighted to announce the signing of tween/teen actress - Jordyn Taylor! Jordyn is a triple-threat talent as a dancer, actress and musician/singer/songwriter. Appearing next month in feature film "Beverly Hills Christmas" in a strong supporting role opposite Dean Cain, Jordyn has several yet-to-be-announced projects that will start off 2016 with a bang! Jordyn is sparkling, refreshingly authentic and versatile! Easily plays 13 to 17 yrs old, and can handle the quirky, lovable nerd to emotionally challenging dramatic roles. Extensively well-trained, Jordyn has worked with Ellen Marano, Lori Lively, Lisa Picotte, Dennis Lavalle and others. Currently being privately coached vocally by Valerie Morehouse, and dance choreography by Janelle Ginestra - Jordyn is ready for take-off and we're thrilled to have this young talent on board! www.epictalentmanagement.com www.imdb.me/jordyntaylor

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