Monday, November 2, 2015

Booking: SILICON VALLEY - Lang Talent

Role: Rogelio
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: McCarthy/Abellera
Additional Notes: Rogelio Ramos (SAG-AFTRA) is the top in his category! Rogelio is fluent spanish, and has various experience with Film, television, Voice Overs, Commercials, and even Theatre. Some of his credits include a recurring role on Silicon Valley, and guest/co-star roles for Spiderman 3 (Principal ER NURSE), Sex and The City (Paulo), The Goldbergs, Chuck, The Boatman, etc. Rogelio also has news anchoring experience with broadcasts like Telemundo, Univision 28 KORO and Univision 27 KLDO. Being an amazing actor is not his only skill, for he can sing, play the piano, rollerblade, and more! Casing loves him, and there is no doubt that you won't love him too! Give him a chance, and let him wow you like he wows everyone in this industry.

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