Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Booking: GOOGLE IMAGINE - Lang Talent

Role: Young Imaginative Kid
Represented By: Lang Talent
Casting Director: David Kang CD
Additional Notes: Grecia Merino (11 years SAG Eligible) is a dynamite actress fluent in spanish, with a great look that not only got her the recent Google project, but also booked a recurring role on Devious Maids (season 3). Her talent is also to thank for her success, as she has great acting ability that will get the job done for you! Grecia has also booked a guest star appearance on Parenthood, as well principal roles in El Pollo Loco and ATT commercials. Acting is not her only talent, she can sing beautifully as well! Other special skills of her include playing the piano, tennis, and a authentic spanish accent. You'll love her, and casting does too! Let her rock your next project, give her shot and you will not regret it!

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