Friday, September 5, 2014

Booking: PARKS AND RECREATION - Jerry Pace Agency-Sarah Uhrich

Booked: PARKS AND RECREATION Episode #703
Role: Michelle
Represented By: Jerry Pace Agency-Sarah Uhrich
Casting Director: Dorian Frankel
Additional Notes: Congratulations Alanna!!!!

Booking: HONDA - A & R Management and Osbrink

Booked: HONDA
Role: principal performer
Represented By: A & R Management and Osbrink
Casting Director: Guillen Casting
Additional Notes: Congrats to Eloise!!! This talented young girl just keeps on booking fantastic jobs. We are so grateful to be working with her.

Booking: RICHIE RICH - Church-Hugger Management/Linda McAlister Talent

Booked: RICHIE RICH Episode #114
Role: Grandma Barb
Represented By: Church-Hugger Management/Linda McAlister Talent
Casting Director: Sheryl Levine
Additional Notes: This is a Guest Star role for Darcy! She also had a recurring role earlier this year on the new Comedy Central series "Review". Amazingly talented actress!

Q and A with FARGO Casting Director Jackie Lind

Jackie Lind has been a Casting Director for 18 years, with companies in both Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia, where she is based. Over her career she has cast numerous TV Series and MOW's. Jackie won an Emmy in 2007 for "Outstanding Casting for a Mini Series" for "Broken Trail," and in 2013 she won a LEO award for "Outstanding Casting" for the Television Series “Hell On Wheels.” She won her second Prime Time Emmy this year for "Outstanding Casting for a Mini Series for "Fargo." .

Jackie will be one of the many wonderful panelists
at the Vancouver Actor Symposium on Saturday, September 20.
CLICK HERE For more information or to buy tickets

When you get a project like “Fargo” what is your casting process?

Jackie: On a show like FARGO Location casting works very closely with LA casting to make sure we understand the creative vision. The accent and look certainly played a huge factor as well. Weeks of pre-screens were necessary to search for that perfect combo. Once the pre-screens were uploaded they were sent to LA casting and the EP's for feedback, Call backs were set up in Calgary for the Director and EP's. Vancouver and Toronto actors were chosen from taped auditions we did in both cities; all selects were then sent to the network and studio for final approval.

How did you get into casting?

Jackie: My daughter started acting when she was 9 and because of her I entered into the business.

Is casting a series of TV movies like the “Flowers in the Attic” series harder or easier than casting a stand-alone film?

Jackie: A series of Movies are always more challenging as we have to deal with continuity and matching families.

What are the benefits of casting out of Vancouver?

Jackie: I cast both “Hell on Wheels” and “Fargo” out of Calgary and I cast many actors out of Vancouver. Vancouver has some of the best actors on the planet. The fast flight is also helpful to production. Vancouver has a large pool to draw from.

What is one of your favorite casting experiences?

Jackie: I cast an actor in a small acting role in an MOW. The EP's son also a well-known EP watched his Dad's MOW, saw this actor and offered him a big role in a Huge Feature in LA....just goes to show never know where it can go.

What one piece of advice would you give an actor coming in to audition for you?

Jackie: Be yourself, be confident, know your lines and remember "nobody can be you, better than you."

Booking: DAVID AND GOLIATH - Gigi Garner Management

Represented By: Gigi Garner Management
Casting Director: Erica Steele
Additional Notes: Congratulations to actor Jason Tobias on another booking as the role of [ELEAZAR] in the new film "David and Goliath". Some of Jason’s recent bookings include "The Second Coming of Christ", "Audacity", "Jettisoned", and "Queen Gorya". You may have also seen him on "Justified" "Franklin & Bash," and in the [LEAD] role of Gabriel in "Bloodlines: The Series."

Booking: A TO Z - Jerry Pace Agency-Sarah Uhrich

Booked: A TO Z Episode #103
Role: Curt
Represented By: Jerry Pace Agency-Sarah Uhrich
Casting Director: Lisa Ystrom
Additional Notes: Congratulations Jensen!!!

Booking: DAVID AND GOLIATH - Jerry Pace Agency-Sarah Uhrich

Role: King Saul
Represented By: Jerry Pace Agency-Sarah Uhrich
Casting Director: Erica Steele
Additional Notes: Congratulations Rodger!!!