Friday, November 21, 2014

Success Story: DEANNA MESKE

Deanna Meske (pronounced Mesky) is and actress and producer, born to a family of 6, grew up with 4 brothers and one other sister in a small town called Vallejo CA. Known for Elsa & Fred(2014), iKllr (2014), Dragula (2014), #1 Cheerleader Camp (2010), Entourage (2010). She graduated from Sacramento State University then moved on the Fresno, CA, then to San Diego CA, then to Florida and landed in New Orleans before getting a 2nd home in Los Angeles. She owned her own dirt bike until she discovered that boys liked clean girls so she slowly let go of the Tom Boy side and grasped onto her feminine side. She began acting late in life, after running 2 restaurants and working many other types of jobs. After her 1st audition which she booked, she knew that this was for her and so she set out to learn the business. She lives in New Orleans, LA. She began in New Orleans and has dreams to book a lot of work in the South in addition to the rest of the Country. One of her biggest dreams is to land a great role in the UK or Ireland as that is where her ancestors are from and she fell in love with those Countries on one of her many trips across the pond. Deanna is a budding filmmaker too, with 2 web series launched, one more in the oven and a few other short films up online. She is the President of Outlook Productions, you can view some of her work here: and You can see her hosting playlist at

How long have you been on Actors Access and how has the service helped you?

Deanna: 7 years. AA has helped me in many ways. The 2 free photos are such a great tool – I can switch out photos I'm experimenting with without paying a fee. Also, there is Eco Cast. I can't say enough about that. It really takes the stress off of the actor because you know your audition has arrived at the CD's desk; whereas sending links or attachments was always such a mystery and was a bit stressful. AA has the best prices in town, and I consider them the top breakdown service for actors.

How did you get into acting?

Deanna: I was VP of sales at a company that sold funny toys to mini markets and gas stations. One day I sent in a submission on Craigslist just to see if it was something I would love as much as I felt I would. I booked it and had so much fun that I just couldn't turn back and work a 9-5 anymore. I was on a dance squad for 3 years and took performing arts in high school, so I knew I loved performing. But I was actually a bit shy when it came down to 1-on-1 type of stuff.

How did you book the role of Laura in the movie “Elsa & Fred”?

Deanna: I was fortunate enough to be called in by Lisa Marie, who was handling the locals casting in New Orleans. We worked the scene several times, which is unusual and is very helpful, since for my first few reads I'm usually just getting warmed up and getting a sense for my reader and the atmosphere. So on the final take, I asked if I could do it a bit differently, since there was a camera setup change. And we did and it worked out really well.

What did you learn working with acting greats Christopher Plummer, Shirley MacLaine and Marcia Gay Harden on the set of “Elsa & Fred”?

Deanna: I learned that these guys are very at ease. They own their environment. They are calm and not rattled. They take the time they need to do what is needed; whereas a lot of newer actors feel pressured to rush, which makes it hard to relax and just be in the scene at the pace it needs to be at.

What has been your favorite role to play?

Deanna: Aside from Laura in "Elsa & Fred," which is my favorite due to the caliber of the cast and crew, I played Cindy Hendi on "House of Horrors." It was a lead role. She was very evil, cold and calculated, skilled with guns, and about to explode at any minute. I loved that role for many reasons: 1. because I am not seen for those types of roles, though my strengths as an actor lie in those types of roles, and 2. because Cindy was rough, not much make up, baggy clothes, hair not perfect, I could just be without worrying about looking great.

What advice would you give your fellow actors just starting out?

Deanna: Get rid of anyone who doubts you in your life. Surround yourself with positive people who really do want to see you succeed. Get good as fast as you can – and don't forget it's a business.

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