Monday, October 7, 2013

Critics Picks October 7

Nicholas Podany and Melody Hollis in the roles of Richard and Muriel, 
The Act Three beachfront rendezvous of thwarted young lovers has been a staple of monologue competitions and scene study classes for 80 years. It’s given a gratifyingly fresh rendition here, full of delicate and witty touches. You can plainly see the play of real thought across both thesps’ faces from beginning to end, a sure sign of talent worth keeping an eye on.
—Bob Verini


Tracee Chimo in the role of Daphna Feygenbaum, 
Tracee Chimo repeats her role as this blistering comedy moves from Roundabout’s Underground space to the Off-Broadway Laura Pels Theatre. As the self-righteous, narcissistic, and super-religious college student Daphna raging at her more-secular cousins, Chimo is savagely funny and touchingly real. The way she aggressively brushes out her hair revealing her anger and indignation with each brutal brushstroke is worth the price of admission.
—David Sheward

Cherry Jones in the role of Amanda Wingfield, 
In a career-defining performance, Cherry Jones tempers Amanda’s every movement with love for her children and knowledge of what it takes to survive. This is no dreamer lost in revelry of her genteel Southern girlhood. When Amanda learns the long-awaited gentleman caller, intended as a beau for the pitiful Laura, is already engaged, Jones’s face is frozen in a mask of civility. But the emotional turmoil underneath is clearly visible in the way she straightens the caller’s lapel and holds onto it for a few extra seconds, as if grasping her last hope for her daughter’s happiness before it vanishes. —David Sheward

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