Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kimberly Christian Signs with The Jackson Agency

Agency Notes: A born star, Kimberly Christian has been entertaining people since the age of three. Her mother encouraged her artistic expression by enrolling her in dance classes that sparked a life-long love of the art. She continued to dance throughout her childhood and teens with numerous Bay Area groups including: Young People’s Performance Group, Nzimah African Dance Troupe, and Skyline High School’s Dance Production Team in Oakland, California. Upon graduation from high school, Kimberly attended Howard University where she discovered a love - and great talent - for acting. She received a bachelor of the arts in radio/TV/film which led her to work on the production side of the camera for MTV Networks in New York and The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. Later, she combined her passion for acting and her experience in production to make great steps toward her dream of being a leading actor. While currently based in Los Angles, California, she remains a local hire for Chicago and New York, so no matter where your production is located you can be sure that the best actor for the job is only a phone call away. Kimberly continues to train and explore new avenues of dance and new methods of acting to always stay one step ahead! In the past she has trained in jazz, ballet, modern and hip hop dance in California. She has trained with the world renowned Second City in Chicago. Kimberly has even trained with Christinna Chauncey in on camera classes. In short, Kimberly Christian is well prepared to tackle any role and every situation! Her special skills list is just as impressive as her training and experience. These skills include but are far from limited to: aerobics, bartending, boring, cycling, kick boxing, swimming, yoga and volleyball. As you can no doubt see Kimberly is a multitalented woman who is already establishing a name for herself in every realm of the entertainment industry! Kimberly is represented by The Jackson Agency. (

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