Friday, April 3, 2015

Booking: KIRBY BUCKETS - Treadwell Entertainment Group

Role: Cage
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment Group
Casting Director: Sally Stiner and Barbie Block
Additional Notes: Congratulations to Zachary Mitchell for booking a GUEST STAR role on Kirby Buckets! Just booked a two week guest star on HENRY DANGER, This comes right after his guest star role on Girl Meets World. He tested for the Nickelodeon pilot BELLA AND THE BRONCOS. Just shot great roles on SAM AND CAT as well as PARKS AND RECREATION. He also shot the ABC pilot TROPY WIFE, and Modern Family! Last season, he was cast in the Disney HD Pilot "Shmagreggie Saves the world". Went to network for BAD FAIRY. Tested for "Little in Common" pilot and tested for "How To Rock". Went to producers this week for "All Rise".

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