Thursday, April 9, 2015


Booked: DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Episode 12671
Role: Co-Star
Represented By: Sharp Talent
Casting Director: Marnie Saitta
Additional Notes: MALCOLM MATTHEWS left the corporate world to pursue acting in Fall 2014. He jumped right in with no previous acting experience or training. In his first week of acting, he was cast in three principal roles, signed an agent and was Taft-Hartleyed into SAG. In the few months since then, he has been cast in over 65 projects, including over 45 films (starring in the lead role of the majority of them). He has also appeared in several TV shows, including lead roles of multiple TV pilots and also is a series regular in several upcoming comedic web series. He starred in the lead role in “LITTLE CHRIST” (with Brittany Curran) and supporting lead role in “THE ID” (starring Amanda Wyss), and he is about to begin filming on multiple upcoming feature films. He is also currently playing dual roles on stage in "ER: The Resurrection": Recently reviewed by Our Weekly LA: "...corporate oil tycoon fat cat Thierry Mueller (played with oily perfection by Malcolm Matthews..."

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