Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Jackson Agency signs Rachael Sizgorich!

AGENCY NOTES: Rachael Sizgorich is a name you may not be familiar with yet but you soon will be! Acting since the age of fourteen after accepting a scholarship from the prestigious Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach, California, Rachael knew that her only life’s ambition was to entertain. Upon graduation from high school she was accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Here she was able to walk the same halls as past AADA students including Jason Robards, Robert Redford and John Cassavetes, just to name a few. She took this bright company as incentive to work hard and hone her already sharpening acting abilities. After AADA Rachael was accepted to the University of California at Los Angles. The move back to the west coast cemented in her mind that entertainment was the only career path for her. Soon after starting at UCLA, Rachael was cast in her first feature film. She went on to star in several short films and commercials, a list of which can be provided upon request. Among Rachael’s proudest moments was winning the national taken search competition “Showbizzle”, a web series produced by Charles Rosin, a name you no doubt recognize from his Executive Producer credit on the television show Beverly Hills 90210. Rachael also prides herself on her improv skills which were perfected by studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade and starring in many improv-driven projects. Rachael Sizgorich’s star is on the rise - catch her before she leaves the atmosphere! For more information: www.thejacksonagency.com

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