Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Jackson Agency signs Levystein Lockett

Agency Notes: Levystein Lockett is a woman of many talents who seemingly finds new ones every day. Acting, improv, hosting and dance - there is truly nothing that she cannot do. Levystein began acting on the stage and has recently made the jump to the small screen, being featured on the show “My Crazy Ex” on the Lifetime Movie Network. Her role of “Real Carrie” was a force to be reckoned with and allowed Levystein to put on display acting abilities well beyond her years! She knew for many years that one day she would be a household name. Now with a swiftness that is rarely seen in the entertainment industry this is becoming fact! Priding herself on memorable performances, she chooses roles that stand out and highlight her multiple skills as an actor. Calling on her experience from the military and her experience as a mom, she brings a unique light to every character she embodies. Levystein has studied with many illustrious names in the entertainment world such as the Los Angles based Margie Haber Studio and Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Studio. A world traveler while serving in the United States Air Force, she was able to hone her craft in Korea and Texas where she was cast in the lead roles of emotionally driven plays such as “A Broken Family” and “The Life of Shirley Chisholm” for which she won both critical and popular acclaim. Levystein Lockett has also begun to catch the eyes of Hollywood directors and producers while starring in several short and Independent films where she played a wide range of parts. From a military widow turned single mom in the film “Toy Soldier” (where she was able to act along side her real life eight year old son) to the role of “Sharonda” in “Quarter Life Coach,” a role that called for great emotional complexity. In short, Levystein Lockett’s name is on the lips of directors, producers and fans from New York to Los Angles and beyond! Get to know her now before she gets too busy to return your calls! For more information: www.thejacksonagency.com

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