Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lan Doan Signs with The Jackson Agency

Lan is a fast rising actor, photographer and improv performer whose name you should know. His extreme passion for performing has been a driving force in him for years. This love for performing has pushed him to act in several theatre, film, and television productions. Born in Northern California, Lan grew up in Orange County but knew he would have to get to Los Angeles if he wanted to pursue his dream of acting. And that is exactly what he did. Lan’s passion for both his acting and photography career are showcased through the creativity and final products that he has worked into every aspect of his daily life. Acting and photography give him outlets through which he can express his true self. By directing characters while behind the lens and becoming other characters in front of it, Lan finds out more and more about himself. This helps better define the characters and make them much more realistic. Lan’s many hobbies include cooking, the afore mentioned photography, dance (ballet, jazz and salsa), paintball, riding motorcycles, and volunteering at dog rescues to list a few. All of these interests can be applied to acting and becoming a character who is completely believable. Empathetic, caring, well-rounded, multi-talented and funny: Lan Doan has everything. Most recently Lan has appeared in the film “Rosewood”, which is expected to debut at the Cannes Film Festival. In addition he will be soon reporting to set in his first larger role in a full length motion picture. Lan is in demand. Demand him before he passes you by. Lan Doan is represented by Tiauna Jackson of The Jackson Agency.

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