Friday, March 20, 2015

Julie May Signs with The Jackson Agency

Agency Notes: Julie May is a New Jersey native with a passion for voice over work, art, film and music. Focusing mainly on comedy and drama she will soon be as well known in the acting world as she is in the world of voice over. Julie is currently attending workshops and classes to better hone her skills as an on-camera actor. She hopes to concentrate on commercials but knows better than to limit her options. Julie began her voice over career in the northeastern part of the country, but was schooled in Los Angles under Kate McClanaghan. On radio her voice could be heard all over the region in various commercials. These unseen credits led her to pursue a great deal of behind the scenes work in film production. This experience has made her an indispensable professional on any set, regardless of the medium. Julie’s voice over credits includes the web series “333” and “1k Friends”. Her voice can also be heard when you call any number of corporations and need to leave a voicemail. That’s right! Julie provides the vocal presence of companies such as Feelin, Sky Sport and Spa, and Hallmark eCards. Julie is a hot product in the voice over world with her sights set on taking over the acting world, too. With the experience she is quickly gaining and the experience already under her belt, Julie May is going to be a force to be reckoned with! Julie is repped by The Jackson Agency

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