Thursday, March 19, 2015

Booking: DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - Tiauna Jackson

Role: Amish Teen
Represented By: Tiauna Jackson
Casting Director: Michael Beaudry
Additional Notes: Emma McWilliams has received an Acting for Film Degree from the New York Film Academy. While she studied in school, her knack for comedy and standup compiled with her unique look was clearly noticed, therefore by the push of her teachers, she was encouraged to create a one woman show, called "mislabeledilEMMA: No, I Don't Have Down's Syndrome." She premiered the show in LA last February and performed in NY last August. She is an upbeat quirky girl who will definitely spice up your life, a cross between Amanda Plummer and Joan Cusack. Since her graduation, she has stayed busy with many different projects and many different character roles. She has played “a crazy asylum girl” on Teen Wolf, “the modest girl” on Ant Farm, an outcasted Game of Thrones lover in short film "Ruthie. In addition, she starred in a music video for Across Coves, starring Mckayla Maroney, Olympic gymnast. Finally, she has been seen around LA at different comedy clubs where she loves to make an audience laugh through her standup performances. For more information:

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