Thursday, March 12, 2015

Armen Babasoloukian Signs with The Jackson Agency!

Agency Notes: Armen Babasoloukian is a classically trained actor, model, comedian and host. His deep complexion and rugged good looks have served both him and his career well, as has his sense of humor. He has been trained at The Second City and UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television. Current training includes work at the Strasberg Institute and Studio C in West Hollywood. Armen has been featured in “CraigsLove”, “Another Time”, “The Portal”, and “Karmatic”. On the television he was seen in the pilot “Double-blind”, under the direction of Rod Holcomb. His most recent work finds him in the biopic “Sabre Dance”, about the controversial relationship between Salvadore Dali and Soviet composer Aram Khachaturian. Armen is continuing to seek out new and interesting adventures in Hollywood as his career climbs. He enjoys playing parts that have difficult layers and flawed individuals as he is able to showcase his talents more directly. The roles of antagonists have always held the most allure for him. The feeling of being in control of emotions to the point where the viewer never quite knows what to expect from you is one Armen takes great pleasure in. In his limited spare time Armen enjoys volunteering at the American Legion and his favorite youth nonprofit organization, TheaterFunk. Amen is the epitome of a good guy looking to play bad - and with the heart he puts into every performance he will do this and so much more! For more information:

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