Monday, February 24, 2014

Booking: RAKE - Ad Astra Mgt

Booked: RAKE
Role: Reporter Dan
Represented By: Ad Astra Mgt
Casting Director: Creative Casting

Booking: BLACKLIST - Carson-Adler Agency

Booked: BLACKLIST Episode #116
Role: Detective DeSantis
Represented By: Carson-Adler Agency
Casting Director: Suzanne Smith Crowley/Jessica Kelly Casting

Critic’s Picks for February 24, 2014

Jennifer Brasuell in the role of Mariana,
Jennifer Brasuell’s character offers such a seductive presence, she gives tangible credence to the havoc that eventually smashes the lives of two men.
—Julio Martinez

Nicole Santiago-Barredo in the role of Marcy Park,
Nicole Santiago-Barredo achieves a perfect balance of overachieving determination and innate sadness as Marcy Park—who knows that, for her family, second place is never an option.
—Julio Martinez

Jeff Kober in the role of T.C. Hopper,
In a dynamite ensemble cast playing the denizens of a Manhattan bar all fallen on hard times for their own reasons, veteran actor Jeff Kober as a ragtag, rambling cowboy off his meds is particularly arresting, finding layers and layers of subtle nuance in what could otherwise be a glaringly stereotypical role.
—Travis Holder

Inger Tudor in the role of May N’Kame,
In Lee Blessing’s taut drama Going to St. Ives, Inger Tudor provides an eloquent, almost iconic portrait of a tough but compassionate African empress who must confront the fact that the son she loves has grown into a vicious, amoral dictator and a public menace. She captures the imperiousness and gravitas of the empress, the pain and determination of the mother, and ultimately, the stoicism of a woman who has been stripped of status and wealth, as well as liberty. Her performance is subtle, multilayered, and memorable. —Neal Weaver

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Booking: TATTOO NIGHTMARES - Bluefish Talent

Role: Brandon
Represented By: Bluefish Talent
Casting Director: Jejuan Guillory

Booking: THE LAST SHIP - Bluefish Talent

Booked: THE LAST SHIP Episode #109
Role: Sick Man
Represented By: Bluefish Talent
Casting Director: Denise Chamian

Booking: CRIMINAL MINDS - Wild Briar

Booked: CRIMINAL MINDS Episode #918 "Rabid"
Role: Gloria
Represented By: Wild Briar
Casting Director: Lisa Zambetti

Booking: ABOUT A BOY - Meridian Talent Management

Booked: ABOUT A BOY Episode #109 "About a Kiss"
Role: Debbie
Represented By: Meridian Talent Management
Casting Director: Cami Patton & Jennifer Lare