Monday, February 3, 2014

Critics’ Picks February 3

David Burnham in the role of Fabrizio Naccarelli,
With youth, great pipes, and believable innocence going for him, Burnham is totally winning in his ingenuous pursuit of Clara (Erin Mackey, also excellent) and linguistically perfect in fluent Italian and broken English.
—Bob Verini

Shannon Holt in the roles of Elizabeth I, Hitler, and Reagan,
Shannon Holt plays Queen Elizabeth I, Hitler, and Reagan in a play about faith, among many other things. And that’s quite a task in itself. But in the midst of a uniformly flawless cast, Holt does so with rich comedy that’s drenched in sadness, as she seems to be subtly revealing the actor’s awareness of the effects her characters had on history. And that’s quite a miracle.

Alex Ximenez in the role of Catalina Rodriguez,
Alex Ximenez’s Catalina exudes an endearing ambivalence as she struggles with the potentially soul-damning decision she needs to make in order to save her own life.”
—Julio Martinez

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Booking: HART OF DIXIE - 3GManagement

Role: Maybelline
Represented By: 3GManagement
Casting Director: Liz Martinez-Nelson, Erica Berger
Additional Notes: We want to send out our congrats to Danielle for her recurring role on Hart of Dixie. She is truly a talented actress with both a huge range to draw from and a wonderful appeal and charm.