Monday, December 16, 2013

Critics’ Picks December 16

Amanda Blake Davis in various roles, 
Dying is easy, comedy is hard, but improvising A Christmas Carol might be the hardest of everything. Amanda Blake Davis seems to use mathematical skills to calibrate her timing and energy levels. Manic enough to add spice to a pop-up character without taxing the audience’s nerves, slow enough to drag out Tiny Tim’s crippled little walk across the stage to wring out every available laugh, her limning of her multitudinous characters—from a Victorian lady to Sally of the Peanuts gang (what, you didn’t know they visited Scrooge?)—is perfectly hilarious.—Dany Margolies

Megan Stern in the role of Molly,
Sometimes a touring performer finds values in a role to rival if not eclipse the original. Back in Gotham, Celia Keenan-Bolger was peppy and charismatic as the moonstruck youngster in on the origin of the Peter Pan–Captain Hook rivalry. Megan Stern has plenty of moxie, too, while moving Molly in a dreamier, more melancholy, more grounded direction. Her great heart is an essential component of this Starcatcher’s appeal.—Bob Verini

John Sanders in the role of Black Stashe,
The evolution of John Sanders’s flamboyantly Paul Lynde–ian pirate Black Stashe is the stuff that makes this inventive prequel to Peter Pan so clever. Sanders’s fearlessly over-the-top work is a major asset to the silliness, especially in a prophetic scene where the future Capt. Hook loses his hand, including an unending sight-and-sound gag that goes on longer than a double-take by Stan Laurel played in slow motion. —Travis Michael Holder

Richard Schiff in the role of Mr. Hammerschmidt,
Richard Schiff is mesmerizing in his ability to pull us into his character’s plight, making us want to know why the old man is in such a volatile and fragile emotional state. Initially, it seems as though Mr. Hammerschmidt’s woes come from the ominous tenor of the times descending upon the wary inhabitants of pre–WWII Hungary, but soon it becomes clear there’s more to it than his faltering business. Schiff’s quietly majestic man singlehandedly lifts this production from light comedy to engrossing drama. —Travis Michael Holder

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Fred "The Hammer" Williamson signs with Heartrock Management

Fred "The Hammer" Williamson has signed with Heartrock Management. Fred is well known for his roles in STARSKY AND HUTCH, FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, and of course, HAMMER.

Booking: THE HOTEL BARCLAY - RDR Management

Represented By: RDR Management
Casting Director: Leah Myette
Additional Notes: We signed Jeremy Mark Meyer a week ago and he booked his first audition.

Booking: NATIONAL FIAT COMMERCIAL - Imperium 7 Talent Agency/Ad Astra Mgt

Role: Friend
Represented By: Imperium 7 Talent Agency/Ad Astra Mgt
Casting Director: RMB Casting