Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Critics Picks December 2

Casey Kramer in the role of The Catwoman
Thank goodness she’s the antithesis of Julie Newmar’s prowling in warm leatherette. Casey Kramer plays the crazy-or-is-she villager in this mysterious Irish retelling of Medea. Kramer’s Catwoman is prescient but completely feline in personality and action, gnawing on mice and licking her beverage from a saucer. Too, she’s blind, and Kramer makes the blindness perfectly realistic, while Catwoman sees the truth around her. In Kramer’s long career of beautifully crafted performances, this one’s still a highlight. —Dany Margolies


Ian McKellen in the roles of Spooner and Estragon
In repertory performances of these classics by Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett, Ian McKellen is heartbreakingly pathetic and hysterically funny as a pair of elderly men lost in an existential wasteland. As the impoverished poet Spooner in No Man’s Land, he moves like a whipped dog around his alcoholic host and two brutish attendants, yet he maintains Spooner’s shattered dignity. In Godot, he delivers a desperate, almost vaudevillian turn as the tramp filling the void with half-remembered jokes and songs while waiting for the never-arriving Godot. —David Sheward

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Booking: THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW - Daniel Rojo Management

Role: Husband
Represented By: Daniel Rojo Management
Casting Director: Susan Deming, Dorien Davis
Additional Notes: Recurring sketch comedy player!

Booking: GANG RELATED - Daniel Rojo Management

Booked: GANG RELATED Episode #108
Role: Arlo
Represented By: Daniel Rojo Management
Casting Director: Megan Branman and Dylann Brander