Monday, December 2, 2013

Booking: BURNING DOG - Domina & Associates Talent Agency

Booked: BURNING DOG (Feature Film)
Role: Cop
Represented By: Domina & Associates Talent Agency
Casting Director: Nicole Arbusto
Additional Notes: HE'S ON A ROLL!!!! After booking Shameless Ep. 7, LaVelle LaRue just book a supporting role in the up and coming film "Burning Dog." LaVelle LaRue is a great theatrical performer, who happens to also be an all around comedian. Built like a real life action hero, one can easily see that he is "made" to play authoritative and very deep expressive roles. Even his comedy comes from a dark place, as a way of healing from real life events. The intense emotion that he displays with just his eyes alone have the power to dramatically change the vibe of a room, whether good or bad. No matter what the performance is, HE BRINGS IT!

Booking: CLARITY - Wild Briar

Role: Maggie
Represented By: Wild Briar
Casting Director: Dena Woodworth, Scott David Casting
Additional Notes:

Booking: HOLLYWOOD - Wild Briar

Booked: Hollywood
Role: Farrah
Represented By: Wild Briar
Casting Director: Lisa Zambetti
Additional Notes: