Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Booking: A CHRISTMAS STORY- PROMOTIONAL WORK - Colette-CP Talent Management

Role: Randy
Represented By: Colette-CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Broadway Studios

Booking: THE BIG BANG THEORY - Gigi Garner Management

Booked: THE BIG BANG THEORY Episode #709
Role: Mike Rostenkowski
Represented By: Gigi Garner Management
Casting Director: Nikki Valko and Ken Miller - Tara Treacy
Additional Notes: Veteran actor Casey Sander is back working with Chuck Lorre once again on his Recurring Guest Star role as tough guy Mike Rostenkowski. This will be the fourth show Casey Sander has appeared on as Bernadette's Dad. This is one of their special holiday shows and it's going to be a great one!!

Booking: DEAD MEN - Louise Gubbay Associates (LA And London)

Role: Lt. Col Scarborough
Represented By: Louise Gubbay Associates (LA and London)
Casting Director: Rhett Swanson
Additional Notes: Jerry Lacy is an outstanding actor with DECADES of wonderful credits which include Winslow in HOLIDAY ROAD TRIP, Dimitri in MEN AT WORK,General Burbridge in HATFIELD & MCCOYS.Broadways original BOGART and Bogart in Woody Allens PLAY IT AGAIN SAM!

Lionsgate’s BONNIE & CLYDE: JUSTIFIED arrives on DVD today!

Lionsgate’s BONNIE & CLYDE: JUSTIFIED arrives on DVD today! Bonnie & Clyde: Justified uses the intimate poems & letters of Bonnie Parker to bring to life the love that brought the two together, the crimes that made them infamous and the deaths that made them legendary. Starring Eric Roberts, Dee Wallace, Gigi Garner Management client ASHLEY HAYES as [Bonnie Parker] (Magic Mike, The Temp, Stranded, The Wrong Woman) and newcomer Jim Poole as [Clyde].

Critics Picks November 4

Andrew Bourgeois in various roles,
Like the jittery bastard son of Anthony Perkins and Amanda Plummer, the contribution of Andrew Bourgeois in the ensemble cast of Dan Spurgeon’s cleverly barebones scarefest Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite sets the mood for an inventive homage to the master storyteller’s most-poetic shocks and wonderfully creepy things that go bump in the night. Bourgeois perfectly balances the gothic indulgences of Lovecraft with his own inner truth, making his performance the highlight of a fine adventure.
—Travis Holder

Jimmy Brewer in the role of John Amoroso,
Of the four supremely likable and talented kids who play the titular garage band in Joe Iconis and Robert Emmett Maddock’s new musical, Brewer boasts the least professional experience but could end up with the biggest career. The lean, lanky, movie-star-handsome guitarist can really act; in touch with his character’s basic insecurity, he’s totally believable in his worry that the world holds no place for the likes of him. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that two of Iconis’s strongest character songs, “The Answer” and “Lisa,” are Brewer’s solos. If this young man doesn’t get TV and film auditions by the dozens out of this, I’ll be astonished.
—Bob Verini

Ben Liebert in the role of Igor,
As the wide-eyed, wisecracking, babe-ogling sidekick, Liebert, along with his character’s ever-transitory shoulder hump, provides a devilishly potent combination of song, dance, and flawless comic timing.
—Dink O’Neal


Rafe Spall in the role of Jerry,
Though the big-names stars in this Pinter revival are Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, the show is stolen by Rafe Spall in his Broadway debut. Spall feelingly displays all of the complex motivations of Jerry, who is involved in a long-time affair with his best friend’s wife. He remembers Jerry has both real love for his mistress and genuine affection for her husband. When both are taken away, the emptiness is palpable. In addition, Spall is brilliantly funny when Jerry is confronted with the possibility of being found out. It’s a rich performance, humorous and sad at the same time.
—David Sheward