Monday, November 4, 2013

Success Story: SOLOMON SHIV

Solomon Shiv is a Native Northern Californian who spent more than 10 years in New York City. He studied at Circle in the Square, NY and then with John Anthony and Finally John Dapolito before uprooting to LA in winter of 2013. Some favorite stage productions include "Four Quarters,” “Un-Lonely Planet,” “One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,” “The Witches,” “This Time Of Year,” “The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged),” ”Touch Me,” “Bury The Dead,” and “Circus Proboscis (A Sneeze Of Freaks).” Film wise he has been seen frequently tearing through the indie film circuit. He plays lead in two films by Spencer Chandler, "The Things You Don't Say" and the upcoming "Another Time, Maybe". Also in the works is Susan Hunt's "With All My Might" and Ron Morales's "Come Out, Come Out". He was also in Adam Hall's "My Pain Is Worse Than Your Pain" in (festivals now) and J.Harry's “Patriot.” TV includes “SVU,” “Black Dawn,” “Person of Interest,” “Boardwalk Empire” and an upcoming Guest Star on “NCIS.”

Booking: MILLION DOLLAR ARM - Ross Stephens Artists and Entertainment

Role: East Indian News Reporter
Represented By: Ross Stephens Artists & Entertainment (Manager) and Privilege @ Momentum (Agent)
Casting Director: Sheila Jaffe, Cathi Carlton