Monday, October 21, 2013

Booking: GANG RELATED - Park Noack Agency

Booked: GANG RELATED Episode #104: "Invierno Cayo"
Represented By: Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: Megan Branman and Dylann Brander
Additional Notes: Victor is a talented Venezuelan actor who is relatively new to Los Angeles with regular call backs and even a pin to test last pilot season for a series regular role in NBC/J.J. Abrams' "Believe", but this nice co-star role is Victor's first primetime network television booking. Victor's past credits include a role in the independent feature film "Classroom 6". Victor is also a talented singer/songwriter/musician with original songs both in English and Spanish. Victor is represented across the board by Adam Park at Park Noack Agency and managed across the board by Oliver Carnay at International Artists PR and Talent Management.

Critics Picks October 21

Ruby Hinds in the role of Elizabeth Borny,
Though Elizabeth is clearly an African-American character in this 1940s-set play, she is also every lonely woman with love to give and no appropriate man to give it to. Ruby Hinds is raw discouraged sadness as Elizabeth, leavening her character with dizzy girlishness as a young man invades her life, then plummeting to soul-crushing heartbreak at the play’s inevitable conclusion.
—Dany Margolies

Jolie Oliver in the role of Quilly McGrath,
The comedy half of the sister act in John Henry Redwood’s play, Jolie Oliver merits all the audience’s lighthearted giggles as she creates the busybody, kitchen-phobic Quilly. But at the play’s end, when Quilly uses that humor to soothe her broken-hearted sister, Oliver plays it with the deepest respect and adoration, and the result is spellbinding. —Dany Margolies

Darrett Sanders in the role of Will Fritz,
Darrett Sanders finds a kind of down-home charm in his portrayal of real-life Dallas Police Captain Will Fritz, a guy more upset about a cancelled football game and more intent on making sure his Chinese-food delivery includes wings than he is interested in questioning the man seated across from him accused of killing a president: Lee Harvey Oswald. Sanders nails the Ben Johnson–like Fritz with veteran ease, understanding playwright Christian Levatino’s intent to make Fritz likable—until the coldblooded and unfeeling nature of his quest overshadows and defines his good-ol’-boy persona. —Travis Holder


Mary Bridget Davies in the role of Janis Joplin,
A Night With Janis Joplin whitewashes the late singer’s offstage life. Fortunately, the title character is played by the amazing Mary Bridget Davies, who sounds remarkably like her subject and recaptures the volcanic emotional power of such classics as “Me and Bobby McGee” and “A Piece of My Heart.” Davies delivers the sandpaper-voiced Joplin’s raw intensity, transporting us back to the turbulent 1960s.
—David Sheward

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Booking: NATASHA, PIERRE, AND THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 - 9MUSE, Michael Imbimbo

Booked: Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
Role: Anatole u/s
Represented By: 9MUSE, Michael Imbimbo
Casting Director: Benton Whitley and Duncan Stewart
Additional Notes: @joshuacanfield and

Booking: CHELSEA LATELY - Talent Direct Agency + Royalty Rope Mgmt

Role: Basketball Player
Represented By: Talent Direct Agency + Royalty Rope Mgmt
Casting Director: Genna Levitan
Additional Notes: Congratulations Londale!!!!

Booking: YAHOO SKETCHY - Talent Direct Agency

Role: Author
Represented By: Talent Direct Agency
Casting Director: Chrissy Fiorilli
Additional Notes: Congrats Dennis!!!!