Monday, October 14, 2013

Booking: DEADMEN, THE TV SERIES - Treadwell Entertainment

Role: Chuck
Represented By: Treadwell Entertainment
Casting Director: Stacey Levy
Additional Notes: Just filmed the bully role of "Matt" on Modern Family,opposite Ed O'Neill(aired last week). Just cast in the Western "The Dead Man TV Series" as Chuck(Stable Boy), Recurring. Incredibly talented actor and upcoming star. 27 tv & film SAG/AFTRA credits,4 Stunt Credits, plus over 40 non-union theatrical jobs since the age of 9 with 25 commercials. 2012 Hollywood Young Actor Award "Best Guest Star Male on a TV Series" for House, M.D. starring opposite Hugh Laurie (32 pages of dialogue & 21 days of filming for one episode). Recently cast in a supporting Role in the upcoming 2013 Feature "Sparks" as the young Sparks Super Hero starring Clancy Brown with including 2 fight scenes (worked with a stunt team). Image Entertainment theatrical release Jan. 2014. Recent episodic guest star bookings of House, M.D., co-star roles on Ben and Kate, Criminal Minds, Parenthood, Breaking In, CSI: NY, Southland and Worst Week.

Dead Men The Series Official Trailer from Royston Innes on Vimeo.

Critics Picks October 14

Bill Brochtrup in the role of Felix Turner, 
Bill Brochtrup’s work as the sweet-natured dying AIDS patient in this worthy revival of Larry Kramer’s classic play is brave, heartbreaking, and something of a miracle as he manages keeping it real despite the overwrought grandstanding of the actor with whom he shares most of his scenes. If anything could inform a whole new stand of cotton about the pain, humiliation, and fear so many people lived through in the 1980s, it is Brochtrup’s indelible performance, which plays tribute to the struggles of so many lost lives.
—Travis Holder

Jason Dechert in the role of young Pericles and a pandar, 
Playing two characters—a genuine prince of a guy and a pimp—Jason Dechert proves supremely adept at realistic romance and camp comedy in the same play. His young Pericles is heroic and in love, but never unrealistically or outsizedly so. When Dechert gets to play “a pandar,” however, he takes on a limp and a brash French accent that peppers the scene with giggles—particularly once the audience realizes it’s Dechert. —Dany Margolies

Heather Anne Prete in the role of Tekla, 
Heather Anne Prete admirably projects the shifting priorities of a socially subjugated woman who innately knows she is emotionally superior to the men who believe they control her destiny.
—Julio Martinez

Deborah Strang in the role of Gower, 
Given the task of narrating Shakespeare’s far-fetched, far-flung Pericles, Deborah Strang reveals Gower as a host, educator, facilitator, and, most important, gracious friend to the audience. Her speech is crystalline, giving her consonants a Received Pronunciation respect while never sounding affected, and working at a most pleasant pace, so the audience remains engaged in the story. If she’s this good speaking Shakespeare, imagine what she could do with Sorkin. —Dany Margolies


Norbert Leo Butz in the role of Edward Bloom, 
Norbert Leo Butz overcomes the flaws in this fanciful musical. As a lovable traveling salesman with a penchant for tall tales, he splashes and swims with grace, confidence, and charisma. Even when Edward is being a jerk, as when he steals attention at his son’s wedding, Butz manages to show this man’s joy for life and generous spirit.
—David Sheward

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Booking: SAM AND CAT - Church-Hugger Management

Booked: SAM AND CAT Episode #123
Role: Romy
Represented By: Church-Hugger Management
Casting Director: Krisha Bullock
Additional Notes: This is Ava's third booking in a week. Last Monday, she booked the indie film "Villisca" then Thursday she booked "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and now the show, "Sam and Cat". Ava is as talented as they come for small child actors. We're all so proud of her and know that this is just the tip of the iceberg in her acting career.

Booking: RADIO SHACK COMMERCIAL - Colette-CP Talent Management

Role: boy
Represented By: Colette-CP Talent Management
Casting Director: Donna De Setta

Booking: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - Enigma Entertainment

Booked: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Episode #911, "The Rehearsal"
Role: Louise Poirier
Represented By: Enigma Entertainment
Casting Director: Marisa and Jessica Ross

Booking: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - Enigma Entertainment

Booked: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Episode #911, "The Rehearsal"
Role: Norman Breaky
Represented By: Enigma Entertainment
Casting Director: Marisa and Jessica Ross

Booking: MY DEAD BOYFRIEND - Lisa Lax Agency

Role: Co-star
Represented By: Lisa Lax Agency
Casting Director: Barden/Schnee
Additional Notes: Rich also just booked the film, " Open Sky." We are just thrilled for him! He is a very talented guy, fluent in both Italian and Spanish.