Monday, September 16, 2013

Booking: THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL - Park Noack Agency

Represented By: Park Noack Agency
Casting Director: Christy Dooley
Additional Notes: Karthik reprises his role in "The Bold and the Beautiful" for a couple additional episodes (he previously shot 3 episodes earlier this year). Karthik is a talented actor whose other credits include ABC's "Body of Proof", Nickelodeon's "Marvin, Marvin", CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" and ABC's "Happy Endings". Karthik's stage resume includes a turn as an understudy for a lead role in a Geffen Playhouse production. Karthik is represented for television and film by Adam Park at Park Noack Agency and managed across the board by Roger Reinhart at 3G Management.

Critics Picks September 16

Phil Crowley in the role of Nat Miller, 
As patriarch Nat, Phil Crowley presents the very essence of fatherhood. Whether advising, disciplining, or offering the unwavering love upon which his family depends, Crowley’s is a performance so inspiring and believable it makes one wish for a hug.
—Dink O’Neal

Reggie de Leon in the role of Warren, 
De Leon simply inhabits the persona of unrepentantly vivacious and clueless Warren, who cannot inherently understand why wouldn’t want to listen to him.
—Julio Martinez

Lisa Wolpe in the role of Hamlet, 
But of course the play belongs to Hamlet, and, in that role, Lisa Wolpe doesn’t disappoint. It’s obvious she has spent years thinking about it. It’s even more obvious she has spent years observing men and male physicality. Her facial mannerisms, the energy in her hands, the distribution of her weight as she walks make her transformation astonishing.

Che Landon in the role of Jim Osborne,
The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later at the Davidson/Valentini Theatre

Revisiting the site of Matthew Shepard’s murder a decade on, and discovering a community’s concerted effort to rewrite history, opens the door to an enormous amount of sentimentality, even bathos. Ken Sawyer’s ensemble resists it, and Che Landon resists it most of all in a series of character portraits notable as much for their restraint as for their vividness. —Bob Verini

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Actor Success Story: Conrad Bluth

Having only been pursuing on camera roles for 2 years, Conrad is a relative newcomer to the entertainment business. In this short amount of time, CONRAD BLUTH has established himself as a very strong actor, booking pivotal roles in big projects and gathering many industry fans along the way. He guested on CBS’ CRIMINAL MINDS and Nickelodeon’s BUCKET AND SKINNER’S EPIC ADVENTURE, and starred in the Hallmark television movie A CHRISTMAS WEDDING TALE as Jennie Garth’s son. Conrad just completed principal photography on the film BULLIES, the Universal Studios’ Stephen King film MERCY opposite Chandler Riggs that also stars Dylan McDermott and Frances O’Connor, a lead in the film MERCY (yes, same name…) with THE HUNGER GAMES’ Amandla Stenberg, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’s/TWO GUNS’ Paula Patton, and TERMINATOR’S Robert Patrick, which is directed, produced, written by, and stars Robin Thicke, and a lead in the film CAMP. A straight “A” Honor student, Conrad enjoys traveling with his family, spending days on the beach, and competing in all sports. He’s a major History buff and a self-proclaimed expert on Greek Mythology. Ever since Conrad was little, he wanted to be in movies and on television. He would watch all of the Abbott and Costello movies and study the making of them. He enjoys entertaining people, whether it’s making them laugh or cry. Conrad especially loves making girls cry while reciting love poems in his Honors English class.

Booking: THE BLACKLIST - Lisa Lax Agency

Booked: THE BLACKLIST Episode #104
Role: Shadow
Represented By: Lisa Lax Agency
Casting Director: Suzanne Smith Crowley/Jessica Kelly
Additional Notes: Lars also just recently booked the role of Hagen on "Sleepy Hollow. " You can also see him in the feature film, Non-Stop as Rolf ,coming out soon in theaters.

Booking: NCIS - Rogers Orion Talent Agency - Tony Ferrar

Booked: NCIS Episode #239 "Once A Crook"
Role: Marie - Present Day
Represented By: Rogers Orion Talent Agency - Tony Ferrar
Casting Director: Susan Bluestein

Booking: BAPTIST HEALTH - Talent Direct Agency

Role: Patient
Represented By: Talent Direct Agency
Casting Director: Universal Casting
Additional Notes: Congratulations Marcia!!!

Booking: HENNESSY - Talent Direct Agency

Role: Wife
Represented By: Talent Direct Agency
Casting Director: Universal Casting
Additional Notes: Congratulations Marcia!!!