Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Booking: GREY'S ANATOMY - Hervey Grimes and 24/7 Management

Taja V. Simpson
Booked: GREY'S ANATOMY Episode #1005
Role: Samantha
Represented By: Hervey Grimes and 24/7 Management
Casting Director: Linda Lowy & John Brace
Additional Notes: Recurring on Bold and the Beautiful. She also just booked "The Thundermans" for Nickelodeon. @tajavsimpson

Critics Picks September 2

Cody Kearsley in the role of Bobby Reyburn
Cody Kearsley is stellar as white supremacist Bobby. This murderer’s vile commentary on African-Americans and Jews ought to disgust the audience. As Kearsley plays him, however, Bobby remains vaguely appealing, disturbingly worthy of empathy.

Rob Nagle in the role of John Brennan
Rob Nagle plays John as highly intelligent but not annoyingly so, deeply pained but not weepily so. This character has secrets; and, though Nagle seems to know all of them, he’s not sharing.

Lee Tergesen in the role of Don
As the grad school–era ex-lover of the central character, Lee Tergesen has much the most difficult role in the Geffen’s latest offering. Simultaneously he must persuade us that Don is the sort of guy who held great potential success 20 years ago; that he is a near-irretrievable stoner and porn dog today, and that, nevertheless, a smart and discerning woman could still find in him something romantic and redeemable going forward. Tergesen is believable on every level, and he does more than anyone else to anchor the play in painful reality.
—Bob Verini

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Booking: RAISING HOPE - 24/7 Management and Almond Agency

Booked: RAISING HOPE Episode #403 "Ship Happens"
Role: EMT
Represented By: 24/7 Management and Almond Agency
Casting Director: Dava Waite Peaslee
Additional Notes: Over 28 Network TV credits including recurring.

Booking: HELLO LADIES - 24/7 Management and Berman/Sacks

Booked: HELLO LADIES Episode #105
Role: Barry
Represented By: 24/7 Management and Berman/Sacks
Casting Director: Allison Jones
Additional Notes: Nine Network TV Credits and over 500 Improv shows