Monday, August 12, 2013

Critics Picks August 12

Robert Cicchini in the role of Chuck, 
Robert Cicchini’s Chuck projects utter physical rage while listening to a game on the radio, graphically revealing he is at the edge of an emotional precipice.
—Julio Martinez

Will Thomas McFadden in the roles of Lysander, Snug, and First Fairy 
Even among a cast that speaks the speech skillfully, Will Thomas McFadden stands out in all three of his roles. As Lysander, he’s a devoted beau in a performance that’s modern but not of our period. Then, he quickly transforms into the “slow of study” Snug, creating him with sweetly goofy physical comedy. To launch the very next scene, McFadden becomes a prancing First Fairy, delivering delicate evocative banter opposite Puck. Then, “performing” as the lion, McFadden’s Snug turns into a RADA graduate.

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Booking: SEARS NATIONAL - TalentINk. LA-Chicago-NY

Role: Hijo Torperez
Represented By: TalentINk. LA-Chicago-NY
Casting Director: Ross Lacey
Additional Notes: Carlos is not Taft Hartley and coming on strong!!!

Booking: JESSIE - Rectangle Entertainment (Avi Simon) and Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier

Booked: JESSIE
Role: HAROLD (guest star)
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment (Avi Simon) and Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier
Casting Director: Sheryl Levine
Additional Notes: Ray was a series regular on ABC's DON'T TRUST THE B---- IN APT. 23, playing LUTHER, James Van Der Beek's confidante and personal assistant. A long-time member of Los Angeles based Critical Mass Performance Group, Ray recently finished a run of ALCESTIS at THE BOSTON COURT THEATER. Ray also recently guest starred on GOOD LUCK CHARLIE. Not only a brilliant comic actor, Ray has played a wide variety of characters, and is classically trained. He's been outstanding in drama (15-episode recur on GREY'S ANATOMY), film (lead role in Sundance winner BROTHER TO BROTHER) and on stage (NY and regional credits include THE PUBLIC THEATRE, YALE REP., etc.). He played Ray the Paramedic on GREY'S ANATOMY (15 episodes) including one emotionally gripping storyline where he was injured by an overturned ambulance.

Booking: FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES - Rectangle Entertainment (Avi Simon)

Booked: FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES Episode #101, "Surprises"
Role: FIANCEE #1
Represented By: Rectangle Entertainment (Avi Simon)
Casting Director: Susie Farris
Additional Notes: Jules was recently seen on TEEN WOLF as Dr. Hilyard. She had a great scene where she was attacked by hundreds of moths, looking very much like Suzanne Pleshette in Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS! An active member of A NOISE WITHIN (an Equity theater based in Pasadena), Jules recently played the female lead role in George Bernard Shaw's DOCTOR'S DILEMMA and the title role in EURYDICE. Jules had a supporting role in the feature SNAKE & MONGOOSE starring Jesse Williams, Richard Blake, and Noah Wyle which is based on true story of drag racing legends Don "the Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "Mongoose" McEwen. Jules also starred in the independent feature DEADLINE, for which she received BEST LEADING ACTRESS at the LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

Booking: SACU COMMERCIAL - Rome Talent Agency

Role: 3 30 SOMETHING
Represented By: Rome Talent Agency
Casting Director: Andrew Aguilar