Monday, August 5, 2013

Booking: GLEE - Talent Direct Agency/Mark Blake Management

Booked: GLEE Episode #501 "TBD"
Role: Nerdy Girl
Represented By: Talent Direct Agency/Mark Blake Management
Casting Director: Ulrich, Dawson, Kritzer
Additional Notes: Mark Blake Management and Talent Direct Agency want to congratulate Julie Sufana for booking Glee

Booking: RECKLESS - Coastal Talent

Role: Hooker
Represented By: Coastal Talent
Casting Director: Feldstein Paris

Critics Picks August 5th

Cindy Shields in the role of Mrs. Gloop, and Bob Baumsten in the role of Grandpa George, 
Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka at Torrance Theatre Company at James Armstrong Theatre
Playing Augustus Gloop’s mother, Cindy Shields goes bialys to the wall in a spectacular featured performance involving a Teutonic accent and slap-dancing. And yet she makes sure focus remains on the gluttonous Augustus, whom she feeds with relish—and chocolate sauce.
Bob Baumsten garners huge laughs as Grandpa George, because everybody loves a deaf old guy played by an actor who doesn’t miss a trick.

Burl Moseley in the role of Sam Cooke, and Jason E. Kelley in the role of Jim Brown, 
One Night in Miami at Rogue Machine
One mark of a production company is the depth of its bench when a call is made to the bullpen. Moseley’s Sam is more mellow and sensual than Ty Jones’s was, Kelley’s Jim scarier than Kevin Daniels’s was. The original guys were terrific, but Kemp Powers’s smash hit suffers not a whit after Jones’s return to New York and Daniels’s foray into USA’s new EMT dramedy Sirens.
—Bob Verini

Patrick Quinlan in the role of Brendan, 
Brendan at Theatre Banshee
Quinlan offers a portrayal that is almost soul-wrenching in its effectiveness—approaching each relationship as if he will suffer some deep injury if he allows himself to truly open up and just be human.
—Julio Martinez

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